Allow us to show you TRUE LIVING. Greensborough Village is unique in that it will combine modern living elements all in one place…. a “City Within A City.” Located in the newest emerging market of Jonesboro, Greensborough Village will bring together an urban lifestyle filled with modern amenities to create a vibrant community welcoming individuals to enjoy the absolute best aspects of living.

A healthy living and lifestyle will be promoted by the development with open spaces in Greensborough Village – gathering places for residents, employees and visitors alike can enjoy green spaces throughout the development. Open spaces will comprise approximately 15% of the total land area of Greensborough Villlage. Parks, greens, and courtyards will all be strategically placed. Pedestrian Pathways and sidewalks will collect points of interest within the development while also providing connectivity to the surrounding community.

Greensborough Village will offer a broad array of home styles that will appeal to residents looking for a private escape, and also to those who seek a more vibrant lifestyle. Distinctive homes of all sizes and styles, in a variety of settings, will be your opportunity. Enjoy the convenience of a home that suites your lifestyle!   

Whatever your interests are, Greensborough Village will provide you the Ultimate lifestyle. Enjoy the ability to walk out your front door with endless opportunites to LIVE. WORK. EAT. SHOP. PLAY. 

We invite you to take a new modern approach to LIVE!  What are you waiting for?

Greensborough Village will offer those who value the convenience of working close to home, exactly that, a lifestyle that creatively includes your workplace within close proximity to your home – walking distance actually! Many individuals spend more time at work than at home, so why waste valuable time traveling to get home and do the things you enjoy most? Enjoy the ability to leisurely dine with friends or family within minutes of leaving work, grab coffee or desert after dinner a short stroll away, and hit up the local gym to unwind from your productive day. Greensborough Village creates a synergistic way of living for those who are drawn toward an innovative and modern lifestyle that allows one to LIVE. WORK. EAT. SHOP. and PLAY. in one convenient location.

Dining is an important feature of Greensborough Village. Our development will showcase an array of unique eateries including bistros, cafes, local and nationally known restaurants, coffee shops, donut shops – the choices will be endless. Enjoy a casual afternoon stroll and relax by stopping in at your local coffee shop for your favorite specialty coffee. Indulge in good food with family and friends in an inviting outdoor setting. Imagine doing all of this with the convenience of your home, work, and favorite places to shop and recreate all within the same community and all being only a short walk or bikeride from your home! Can you imagine life getting any better?

Do you find shopping enjoyable? Perhaps a favorite pastime? You might be thinking, yes…a long time ago before the hustle and bustle of traffic, overcrowded parking lots and thirty minute drives to and from home for a single item. Greensborough Village is your answer. Shop for almost anything and everything all in one place, all within a short walkable distance from your home. Forgot to pick up your dry cleaning? No problem – only a short walk or quick bike ride to pick it up.  On your way home, stop in at the local bakery and bring home some tasty treats for the family. Are you a business owner who daydreams of living above or near your place of work? Again, no problem – Greensborough Village is your solution and will offer almost any retail amenity you can imagine. Greensborough Village will  allow you the endless accessiblity to a convenient and modern lifestyle all at your fingertips!

Discover the heart of Greensborough Village – open space to PLAY. Its gathering places, parks, courtyards and green spaces are where neighbors will become friends and revel in life’s pleasures, both simple and sublime. From an array of residential activities to relaxing on these grounds, one can get back to their roots and a more simple way of life very easily. Greensborough Village will offer beautiful landscaping throughout and will encourage a true neighborhood community. Rejouvenate with the ability to take in a long walk, catch a live band at a cafe, read a book while sitting next to a relaxing water feature, watch your chldren play and have a family picnic in one of the pocket parks, or take in an art class at one of the local shops. PLAY however you like at Greensborough Village where this kind of activity is inspiring and contagious and further adds to the sense of community so many people value as a prized posession.

In a market that has seen so many groundbreaking developments over the past decade….from building the only enclosed shopping mall in the United States in 2006 to the opening of a new half-a-billion dollar state-of-the-art NEA Baptist Medical Campus to a host of new national and regional retailers and restaurateurs opening their doors….it is hard to imagine that a single development could literally shake the foundations of the market.  

Hard to imagine…until you see the vision. With the lone exception of the main campus at Arkansas State University, GREENSBOROUGH VILLAGE is destined to earn its place as the single largest development in the history of Jonesboro to date.

Spanning over 200 acres, this first-of-its-kind mixed used development is coming out of the ground to great expectations and high anticipation.  Heralded as “market-changing” for Jonesboro, this new development will give residents the ability to live, work, shop, eat and play in a single setting.  Combining the best of southern charm with the edginess of new urbanism, Greensborough Village is setting new standards for both residential and commercial development.

Situated along one of the highest traffic count roadways in Northeast Arkansas, this “city within a city” is strategically located across from Arkansas State University and between the new NEA Baptist Healthcare campus and St. Bernards downtown Medical Mile….placing it directly in the center of the regions three largest employers, with over 7,000 employees coming and going every single day.  Combine that with over 12,000 ASU students, and you have a tremendous built-in market LITERALLY at your doorstep.

As a planned community, there are limited spots for specific retail and service niches.  Make sure you find out early exactly how you can be a part of this exciting new project!